Review: READY 8.0 The Finer Things

by Jen on September 19, 2012

The latest READY 8.0 palette is called The Finer Things. This cool-toned palette was a late addition to last week’s preview lineup in bareMinerals boutiques and online, and will be widely available next month. Like the other 8.0 palettes, this one contains eight colors in a shiny silver compact and includes a double ended eyeshadow and liner brush.

  • Penthouse is a very dark matte black with some sparkle, definitely a liner color
  • Custom Made is a metallic pink, lovely and subtle–a great everyday color
  •  Chateau is a matte gray, much darker than I expected; I would use it as a liner though some who like more intense eye looks could create a killer smoky eye with it
  •  Truffle is a metallic bronze, surprising for a cool-toned palette, but it works and is a fun out of the box experiment that just might move you out of your comfort zone a little
  •  First Class is my pick of the palette, a metallic hazel green that is hard to describe, but gorgeous on the eye
  •  Upgrade is a metallic lavender, very pretty and my second-favorite shade from the set
  •  Five Star is matte white,  a highlight or perhaps a color changer more than a full-on lid color
  •  Private Isle is a matte blue that reminds me of Twilight or Pacific. It’s a little more vibrant and lively than Velvet Blueberry, which is a very close substitute
This is a really nice collection since you can create so many looks with it, from regular daytime to intense evening looks. There’s also a good mix of matte and metallic shimmer shades, and thankfully no issues with fallout or glitter. I also appreciate the fact that you get a real double-ended brush instead of a little sponge applicator, so this palette is self contained with no need to carry extra brushes. They’re small, but surprisingly usable, and as always the mirror is high quality and you can see your whole face in it. Pack this in your makeup bag and you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way in style.
If you missed The Finer Things during last week’s preview event, don’t despair, as you will be able to pick it up for $40 next month. You’ll also get a bonus mini size of the must-have Prime Time for Eyes primer that makes your eyeshadow last all day and all night.
Check out the photos below! Sorry the swatches are a little rough this time around; I swatched everything out yesterday afternoon, got distracted, and then washed my hands before I remembered to take the photos. I did the swatches again this morning, but was in a real hurry so they didn’t turn out quite as well. Hopefully you can still get a good idea of the colors in this palette.

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