Review: BE Wanderlust. . . Beach Collection

by Jen on May 14, 2012

This is the second in a series of four reviews covering the new Wanderlust series of kits from Bare Escentuals. The Wanderlust. . . Beach Collection ($39) is an Ulta exclusive kit that is currently available at and in Ulta stores. The kit includes the following:

  • Cabana Eyecolor
  • Tidal wave Eyecolor
  • Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 9PM
  • Chic Radiance
  • 100% Natural Lipgloss in Iced Champagne
  • Travel Bag

Like the boutique-exclusive Dessert Collection kit I reviewed previously, the Beach Collection comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a carry handle, and it has a cool insert with a face chart and a detachable postcard that you can send to a friend.

The new Cabana and Tidal Wave Eyecolors are laid back, soft shades and they work beautifully together. Tidal Wave is the palest, lightest shade of green, like sea foam. Cabana is a soft brown shade with just a hint of gold. These are not “wow look at me” colors, but breezy colors that are perfect for the beach, where you want to look put together in a subtle way (you never know when you’re going to run into a handsome lifeguard!) but not fussy or overdone.

The Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 9PM is the rich, dark brown I’ve been waiting for in this particular line, and I know that I’m going to use this one a lot–I’ve never been a fan of black eyeliner. It looks beautiful with the Cabana eyecolor, but it will go with just about anything since it’s a great everyday neutral sort of shade.

Chic Radiance is something that we’ve seen before; it was part of the Clever Blush/Chic Radiance duo that was included in last year’s Sephora-exclusive Smart & Savvy kit, which was part of the  series celebrating BE’s 35th anniversary. The 100% Natural Lipgloss in Iced Champagne is somewhat sparkly but doesn’t have a lot of color; it would be nice layered over another lipcolor if you want a little more ompf.

The Travel Bag is cute; it has a fun green and white striped exterior and is covered in clear plastic, so it’s easy to clean and should wear well for quite a while. The zipper and the interior match the green stripes on the outside, and the bag is wide enough to stand on its own bottom–it always frustrates me when my makeup bags tip over all the time, spilling their contents everywhere.

The Wanderlust. . . Beach Collection isn’t one of those “omg!” sort of kits that make you dance up and down with excitement, but it is a nice collection all the same, and a great value. The two brand new eyecolors alone would be $26, so for an extra $13 you get the Chic Radiance, a full size lip gloss, and a full size eyeliner pencil, plus a cute bag. This may not be the kit for someone who wants a strong color story, but for someone who wants an easy-to-wear look that will work with any complexion, the Wanderlust. . . Beach Collection is a great buy.

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