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by Jen on April 8, 2011

This site is devoted to all things beauty, especially color cosmetics and makeup. I’m a Bare Escentuals addict and an all-around makeup junkie, and I’ve grown increasingly frustrated by how hard it is to find information related to my beauty “habit.” I’ve signed up for all of the mailing lists, subscribed to all the blogs, read many of the top discussion boards, and liked my favorite companies on Facebook. And what I’ve learned so far is that there are plenty of beauty blogs out there that cover specific segments, from daily looks and application tips to product reviews, information about upcoming collections, and scoop on coupons and gift with purchase offers, but none of them have exactly what I’m looking for.

Some of those sites only cover one brand, or perhaps only high-end (expensive!) brands, while others have a particular focus such as natural beauty. Of course you can get information directly from many of the top companies, but sometimes that information is late, incomplete, or only available through one outlet, such as Facebook. That mad scramble for information started to take away a lot of the fun that comes with my makeup hobby, and also eats up time better spent trying out new products or even just chatting online with all of the friends I’ve made who are (almost) as obsessed about makeup as I am.

Utopia Eyecolor from Bare Escentuals

Utopia Eyecolor from Bare Escentuals

So why am I Missing Utopia? It all started with a special GWP promotion at Nordstrom. The Love & Laughter kit was available in-store only with a $75 purchase, and it included a brand new, limited edition Bare Escentuals eyeshadow called Utopia. I almost missed the kit because I didn’t find out about it until the offer had already ended–or so I thought (some stores hadn’t yet started the promotion, which only added to the confusion and frustration of a lot of my fellow Bare Escentuals addicts). It took a lot of time and effort to hunt down the elusive Utopia, and that made me realize that there has to be a better way to get and share information about my favorite beauty brands.

With that experience in mind, Missing Utopia will be a little different. It will cover a variety of brands, including Bare Escentuals, Bobbi Brown, Laura Geller, Mally, smashbox, Tarte, and Urban Decay, plus a few drugstore favorites here and there. The focus will be on:

  1. What is it? (new product launches)
  2. Where do I get it? (sales channel availability)
  3. How do I get it for less? (sales, discounts, and coupons)
  4. How does it look/work? (swatches and product reviews)

In case you’re curious about my qualifications, I’ve been a writer/freelancer/blogger for more than ten years now, mainly in the mobile technology space, and it’s hard to believe the the tenth anniversary of my first site, PocketGoddess.com, is fast approaching. Though I started relatively late in the game as far as makeup is concerned (I was not one of those lipstick obsessed eight year olds) I have been collecting Bare Escentuals eye colors for the last several years. When I decided that it was time for a little something different, Missing Utopia was born and I hope you’ll enjoy using the site as much as I’ll enjoy running it.

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